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Coco Cube


Your Peat Free Propagation and Potting-On air pruning substrate solution

Peat Free

The PRO7 COCO CUBE produced by Jiffy is already the number one choice for all professional cut-flower and vegetable growers using hydroponic systems, thanks to the reliable consistent quality of coco coir, air-pruning, better temperature control and versatility.

PRO7 purified, stabilized COCO CUBE substrate is carefully selected at Jiffy’s own production site; washed/buffered to RHP standards to aid faster rooting to develop stronger plants. Its maximum water holding capacity of 60-75% and air-filled porosity of 20-35% ensures optimum oxygen diffusion rates in the root zone for propagation/potting on vegetive stage growth. The PRO7 COCO is delivered as a dry plate enclosed in PLA netting. This is highly efficient for both transportation and storage. When water is added, the plate swells into a block, ready to propagate or cultivate your plants and contained by the netting to keep the medium together and the growing area and irrigation lines clean. PRO7 COCO CUBE work perfectly in combination with Jiffy7c plugs, ROOT!T plugs for propagation and Loose Fill PRO7 COCO substrate for potting on.

How to use:

PRO7 COCO CUBE can be planted into directly, or you can propagate in a Jiffy 7c and then transplant to the cube on first sight of roots coming out of the base or sides of the plug.

Add lukewarm water to a bucket or tray and mix in Vitalink PlantStart at 4ml per litre of water for seeding or if using the cubes as a transplanter block use 6ml per litre for rooted cuttings/seedlings. Place in your cubes and watch them swell. VitaLink PlantStart supplies the perfect ratio of boron to calcium, proven to promote rapid root development and vigorous early growth.

When your plant is established in the CUBE, transplant into a professional substrate mix in a pot, such as PRO7 COCO products, PRO7 LIGHT MIX or a hydroponics system and away you grow.

Then, feed from day one with a high-quality professional plant feed, such as VitaLink Coco Coir feed.

Technical Specification

Media 100% mixed fibre Coco Pith
Compressed Yes
Buffered Yes
Pre fertilised No
Volume 100mm x 100mm x 55mm when expanded
Hole is approx. 25mm in diameter
Ph 6.0 +/-1 (1:1,5)
EC 0.5 mS/cm (1:1,5)
Box qty 92
Box size 345 x 230 x 230 mm
Box weight 5.9 kg (approx.)
Box qty on pallet 75
Pallet Weight 440 kg
Bar Code 5034517 150946
Product Code 02-055-390
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Frequently asked questions about COCO CUBE

Lukewarm water speeds up expansion, however cold water will work just fine.

Yes, PRO7 COCO CUBES can be added to soil, clay pebbles and other such substrates, or use it as a stand-alone growing medium in hydro systems.

Benefits of PRO7 COCO CUBE

  • Ideal for cuttings and seedlings.
  • Making stronger plants.
  • Excellent air and water retention properties.
  • Air pruning – allows the roots to grow through its sides so, when potting-on, plants get established faster.
  • Better rootzone temperature control, aiding growth in young plants.
  • Peat free.
  • Premium Quality RHP washed and buffered coco.
  • Complete with seedling hole in the top to accommodate Jiffy7C pellets or direct seeding.
  • Limits damaging root system when potting on.

The PRO7 COCO CUBE and PLUGs now use PLA netting. This is made from polylactic acid (PLA) an alternative to plastic, based on corn starch. PLA netting is a lightweight, fine-fibre web which is biodegradable and compostable under controlled industrial conditions. It is certified under EU norm EN13432. PRO7 cares for the environment and we are striving to help our customers grow their products in a sustainable or renewable way.

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What is the RHP?

RHP certified substrates guarantee an optimal start of your crop. The RHP certificate ensures that the substrate complies with the quality requirements concerning, for instance, air content and water uptake, pH, EC and nutrients. For the production of RHP substrates, only phytosanitary clean raw materials are allowed to be used; the processes and products are regularly checked by independent inspectors. In short, quality of substrates is the basis for a good start of your culture.

Growing media with the RHP quality mark has more benefits:

  • The product and production process meet the RHP standards based on general, chemical, physical and phytosanitary requirements set up by specialists including growers.
  • Products with the RHP Horticulture quality mark are free of contamination with heavy metals, radioactivity, weeds, seeds, insects, plant and human pathogens, according to the RHP standard. Therefore, additional treatments like disinfection, sterilisation and/or fumigation are not necessary and are even undesirable.
  • The chemical and physical specifications of each particular substrate have to be predefined, ensuring that each delivery is consistent in properties.
  • Products with the RHP Horticulture quality mark, that consist of several raw materials, must be mixed in such a way that the properties of the batch are the same throughout the batch.
  • All product samples are analysed at RHP acknowledged laboratories. From each delivery, an RHP certified company has to retain a sample under specified conditions. RHP has developed parameters to measure and specify, like water uptake characteristic (WOK) and structure stability (respiration method).