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Coco 70 30

PRO7 COCO 70/30

A Coco/Perlite 70/30 mix
ideal for growers seeking a high-
performance light, aerated substrate with Active Trichoderma.

Peat Free

A Coco/Perlite 70/30 mix ideal for growers seeking a high-performance light, aerated substrate.

PRO7 COCO 70/30 Mix contains a combination of two high quality substrates: 70% RHP Certified coco pith mixed fibre substrate with excellent air and water retention properties and 30% perlite. Washed/buffered to aid faster rooting and developing stronger plants. This high-performance light, aerated substrate is well suited for growing short cycle and fast growing plants in pots and recirculation systems. Our fully buffered coco is really easy to use and is a universal substrate for both the growth stage as well as the flowering stage. The addition of perlite provides a lightness to the media and an air rich substrate that improves drainage, encourages beneficial bacteria colonisation and has a stable pH. All this gives you the perfect base to develop the ideal root structure with fast development and strong plants that are better resistant to high temperatures and superior yields of mouth-watering quality.

How to use:

Firstly, we recommend having the optimum start by propagating your seedlings/cuttings in Jiffy 7C plugs or ROOT!T, fed with VitaLink PlantStart, which supplies the perfect ratio of boron to calcium. This is proven to promote rapid root development and vigorous early growth; then for your vegetive phase, transplant into PRO7 COCO 70/30 and feed with a high-quality professional plant feed such as Vitalink Coco Coir MAX.

Media bags are transported on pallets and can become compacted during storage.  Before transferring your substrate into pot, we suggest you ‘fluff up’ your medium to break up any compressed lumps.  An easy way to do this is to tap the side of the bag, like you would fluff up a pillow. Pour into your pots and run your fingers through the substrate, checking for any lumps that may still be in it and break them up.
Settle the mix by tapping edges and base of the pot and plant up.

Ensure the entire medium is completely soaked before planting on to make sure your plants get enough to feed on.

To pre-soak PRO7 COCO  substrates, apply a 3/4 to full strength feed until run off appears. Run off is the feed that gathers underneath pots in your saucer or tray after watering.

Hand watering: We recommend using Vitalink Coco Coir nutrients and following the feed schedule. PRO7 COCO prevents over-watering due to its structure, but attention needs to be paid to avoid nutrient reabsorption from pots/containers sitting in any runoff.

Dripper systems: PRO7 COCO 70/30 is best fed little and often.  A dripper system is perfect for this. Please note though that the particles in COCO can easily block dripper lines so if using a re-circulating system, we recommend fitting a filter and checking it regularly.

Technical Specification

Media 70% mixed fibre Coco Pith, 30% perlite
Compressed No, ready to use out of the bag
Buffered Yes
Pre fertilised No
Volume (loose fill) 50L (13.2 gal)
Ph 5.8 (1:1,5)
EC 0.1 (mS/cm 1:1,5)
Bag weight 14.1kg approx
Bag qty on pallet 65
Pallet Weight 915kg approx
Bar Code 5034517 150915
Product Code 02-055-360
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Frequently asked questions about COCO 70/30

Coconut fine pith fibre and perlite combines the best of two substrates. The coco offers a forgiving, easy to use substrate that will balance out pH problems. Perlite offers better drainage and improves the air to water ratio of the substrate. Coco fibre on its own does not combine these qualities.

PRO7 COCO 70/30 should be treated as a coco product and as such, the coco grow style should be observed. This is so the correct nutrient ratio is provided to your plant to achieve optimum growth and yield. We advise the use of a coco feed such as VitaLink Coco Max as your basic nutrient. A hydro feed will work, but it is not recommended.

Benefits of PRO7 COCO 70/30

  • The mix of coco and perlite reduces the risks of over-watering.
  • Higher yield from stronger, better established plants.
  • Improved root health/growth means stronger plants.
  • Better rootzone temperature control, aiding growth in young plants.
  • Peat Free.
  • Premium Quality RHP washed and buffered coco.
  • Low watering frequency needed.
  • Coco/perlite mix, ideal for propagation or long-term hand watering propagation – speeding up root development.
  • Active trichoderma

PRO7 COCO 70/30 bagged substrate has an open, natural fibre structure thus providing improved air retention properties. It is suitable for all types of cultures, outdoors and indoors.

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What is the RHP?

RHP certified substrates guarantee an optimal start of your crop. The RHP certificate ensures that the substrate complies with the quality requirements concerning, for instance, air content and water uptake, pH, EC and nutrients. For the production of RHP substrates, only phytosanitary clean raw materials are allowed to be used; the processes and products are regularly checked by independent inspectors. In short, quality of substrates is the basis for a good start of your culture.

Growing media with the RHP quality mark has more benefits:

  • The product and production process meet the RHP standards based on general, chemical, physical and phytosanitary requirements set up by specialists including growers.
  • Products with the RHP Horticulture quality mark are free of contamination with heavy metals, radioactivity, weeds, seeds, insects, plant and human pathogens, according to the RHP standard. Therefore, additional treatments like disinfection, sterilisation and/or fumigation are not necessary and are even undesirable.
  • The chemical and physical specifications of each particular substrate have to be predefined, ensuring that each delivery is consistent in properties.
  • Products with the RHP Horticulture quality mark, that consist of several raw materials, must be mixed in such a way that the properties of the batch are the same throughout the batch.
  • All product samples are analysed at RHP acknowledged laboratories. From each delivery, an RHP certified company has to retain a sample under specified conditions. RHP has developed parameters to measure and specify, like water uptake characteristic (WOK) and structure stability (respiration method).