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THE Premium pre-charged rich, living, pre-fertilised substrate

PRO7 ALL+MIX is ready to plant into and offers the optimum environment for your crops with added fertiliser for the first few weeks and a living microbial charge that will benefit your crop throughout the entire season.

PRO7 ALL+MIX is a blend of carefully selected substrates. Perlite and organic fibres are added to give a lightness and oxygen level second to non and a perfect habitat for the flourishing active microbial system, that enhances the Nitrogen cycle in your PRO7 ALL+MIX medium. The abundance of microbes and beneficial bacteria in PRO7 ALL+MIX ensures vigorous plant growth, increased nutrient uptake and water retention. PRO7 ALL+MIX is pre-fertilised with enough nutrient to sustain lush and forceful growth for up to 4 weeks, then start to feed with a high quality professional fertiliser such as Vitalink Earth.

How to use:

PRO7 ALL+MIX is a ready to use substrate for growing all flowering plants.
Simply add to your pot and water in your plant. Extra nutrition will be needed in approximately 4 weeks, depending on the needs of your plant.

If you are using automated irrigation systems, it is important that the water properly irrigates and drains through all of the substrate; if the substrate becomes too wet it can cause algae and mould to form and compaction which can lead to disease.

We recommend a professional quality nutrient such as VitaLink Plant Start in the propagation phase, VitaLink Earth Grow feed for your vegetive phase and VitaLink Earth Bloom in your flowering phase.

Technical Specification

Media Peat and Natural fibres, perlite, compound fertiliser, beneficial bacteria
Pre fertilised Yes with added trace elements NPK 6:14:27 at 2kg/m³ + NPK 31:0:0 at 1kg/m³
Volume (loose fill) 50L
pH 6.0-6.2 (1:1,5)
EC 1.8 (mS/cm 1:1,5)
Bag weight 14kg approx
Bag qty on pallet 65
Pallet Weight 900kg approx
Bar Code 5034517 150977
Product Code 02-075-320

Frequently asked questions about ALL+MIX

We suggest starting feeding you plants in week 4 for mineral based nutrients such as Vitalink Earth, or week 2 or 3 if using a organic feed as generally it takes two weeks for organic nutrients to become available to the plant.

Young plants, not accustomed to fertiliser (high EC-values) can struggle and appear stressed when they are suddenly planted into optimised growing soils. We recommend you build up the plants tolerance to fertiliser by propagating in early life with Vitalink Plantstart fertiliser before transplant into ALL+MIX. However if you want to grow from day 1 in ALL+PLUS mix, If you see your plants are stressed from the EC level, you have an option to flush your growing media with plain water before potting your plant. To do this simply fill a pot with your growing media, water it with a whole watering can of water (10L). This washes out a lot of the fertiliser, reducing the EC of to substrate and making it ready to plant directly. As PRO7 ALL+MIX is a living soil, it will organically recharge itself. If flushed in this way, over following days, the EC value will rise again and release further fertiliser needed at the right time when your plant is getting established.

Firstly make sure you water in your plant when planting or pre-wet your substrate prior to planting ideally with luke warm water as this will activate microorganisms inside the substrate.

Benefits of PRO7 ALL+MIX

  • Easy to use – ideal for beginners or professionals
  • Perfect soil structure and aeration
  • Bursting with biology = Contains essential bacteria and fungi
  • Great diversity in trace elements
  • 100% natural, made with organic principles
  • Made in the EU

PRO7 ALL+MIX delivers lush vigorous growth time after time, a trusted feature common in all PRO7 products. Because of the mix of premium Peats and +Mix, PRO7 ALL+MIX contains a high organic content and a rich soil life including important nitrogen-fixating bacteria (actinomycetes) and SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) microbes that improve stress tolerance.
It’s mix of natural fibres and high quality organic peats offers a superior water retention while still having optimum air to water ratio.

PRO7 ALL+MIX is made from natural materials and is safe for animals and the environment.

Vigorous lush growth is assured from PRO7 ALL+MIX due to an abundance of nitrogen fixing bacteria and microbial activity that leads to increased nutrient uptake and reduced plant stress.

You will find that your crops may be stronger and sweeter in taste and aroma, this is due to the optimum microbial colony delivered with +MIX.

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What is the RHP?

RHP certified substrates guarantee an optimal start of your crop. The RHP certificate ensures that the substrate complies with the quality requirements concerning, for instance, air content and water uptake, pH, EC and nutrients. For the production of RHP substrates, only phytosanitary clean raw materials are allowed to be used; the processes and products are regularly checked by independent inspectors. In short, quality of substrates is the basis for a good start of your culture.

Growing media with the RHP quality mark has more benefits:

  • The product and production process meet the RHP standards based on general, chemical, physical and phytosanitary requirements set up by specialists including growers.
  • Products with the RHP Horticulture quality mark are free of contamination with heavy metals, radioactivity, weeds, seeds, insects, plant and human pathogens, according to the RHP standard. Therefore, additional treatments like disinfection, sterilisation and/or fumigation are not necessary and are even undesirable.
  • The chemical and physical specifications of each particular substrate have to be predefined, ensuring that each delivery is consistent in properties.
  • Products with the RHP Horticulture quality mark, that consist of several raw materials, must be mixed in such a way that the properties of the batch are the same throughout the batch.
  • All product samples are analysed at RHP acknowledged laboratories. From each delivery, an RHP certified company has to retain a sample under specified conditions. RHP has developed parameters to measure and specify, like water uptake characteristic (WOK) and structure stability (respiration method).