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PRO7 is the new range of potting mixes produced by Jiffy which, through research, have been developed to give the optimal growing conditions for cultivating short cycle and fast-growing plants.
That sounds simple, but we all know this involves a huge range of variables. Every crop demands a reliable and consistent substrate composition to ensure optimal yield, plant stability, nutrient supply, water retention and ultimately, plant quality.

Jiffy, a producer you can trust

Jiffy is world renowned for its peat and coco products and is a leader in the production and supply of substrates to the professional grower. Jiffy has a long history of knowledge and experience in delivering the highest quality substrate mixes that are tailored and tested to meet your crop’s demands, every time. Jiffy also has modern production facilities in a number of locations across the world in order to guarantee the best physical characteristics and consistent quality of its substrate mixes.

The PRO7 range of substrates are RHP-certified and incorporate the world’s highest-quality substrate ingredients – peat blended out of block-cut European short and long fibre peat and Peat Free Coco options produced out of the finest quality washed and buffered pure coco pith. All perfectly designed for your short cycle and fast-growing plants, with optimal structure, pre-fertilisation and consistent quality. Using them in combination with specially developed nutrients, such as Vitalink, will give you fantastic results time after time.

The PRO7 range

  • Consistent reliability, batch after batch
  • Highest quality raw material
  • Produced to the high RHP standard
  • Very easy to use; makes PRO7 superior over other mediums
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the History

In the early 1950s, a resourceful gardener in the Norwegian city of Oslo invented the so-called Jiffypot®. A planting pot made from compressed peat, which becomes completely integrated with the root system and is transplanted with the plant – protecting the sensitive young seedlings from ‘transplant shock’. It went on to invest in peat production facilities in Estonia and coco plantations in Sri Lanka, now owning some of the most advanced production facilities in the world.

A cradle for over 10 million plants every day

Having over 60 years of experience in plant cultivation for professional horticulture and agriculture, Jiffy offers the ambitious hobby gardener a wide range of high-quality products today.

Many years of experience and know-how

Professional horticultural businesses and hobby gardeners the world over, grow more than 10 million plants with Jiffy. And you can do it too!